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My name is Peggy and this is where I write about skincare, travel, and lifestyle.

First, my philosophy

I am a firm believer that everyone’s skincare needs are different. My experience in developing products for well known brands have taught me that there is no “one size fits all” solution.

You will have your unique profile based on your genetics, preferences, and geographical location.

The guides, reviews, and information you will find on Beauty Lately are meant to help you discover products, ingredients, and routines that will work best for you.

The Beginning Of A Beauty Career

I started working in beauty brand management after graduating from business school in 2010. You can learn more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn page.

In short, I’ve helped to develop products and create brands that are now used by millions of consumers all over the world.

Through my professional experience, I learned more and more about skin—and how products are developed to help keep it healthy and glowing.

The more I learned, the more I understood that skincare should be the foundation of every beauty routine.

Why Beauty Lately

I’ve learned so much from my career launching beauty products. The most common thing I’d hear from women is how confusing and difficult shopping for skincare products is.

Beauty Lately’s goal is to help you navigate the complex process of shopping for skincare through in-depth guides, tutorials, and reviews. After all, knowledge makes the difference between choosing right products vs. wrong products, efficacy vs. potential disaster.

Because skincare and beauty overlap with my work as a marketer, I also write about digital marketing on this site. So much of what I learn in blogging (SEO, e-mail marketing, content creation, social media) applies directly to what I do for work and teaches me how to become a more effective marketer for our clients.

My work in the skincare sector has required extensive travel to Japan and Taiwan, two markets where skincare reigns supreme and where customers have developed high standards and expectations. I also write about my experience traveling to these two countries.

Skincare is a journey

Finally, skincare is a long haul investment. Though we all want fast solutions the truth is skincare is much more about prevention than it is about fix-it’s. I hope you will find this site a useful partner in your skincare journey!


Beauty Lately is for readers who want an insider perspective on how to make the most out of your beauty routine by taking care of your skin first.


For general and business inquiries, please e-mail me at [email protected]