Travel Skincare How to Pack

Skincare is oftentimes overlooked when you’re traveling and it’s easy to understand why. In the hurry of packing, it could be difficult to bring everything you need to keep your skin in good shape.

The environment is a major stress factor on your skin when you’re traveling. Airplanes and hotels are common spaces with lots of bacteria and circulated air that could dry out your skin. I personally think packing skincare during vacations and trips is even more important due to these stress factors.

When I am packing skincare for travel, I always try to remember three tips:

  1. Take advantage of travel sized products
  2. Be smart about forms
  3. Focus on Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Taking advantage of travel sized products

Most of you are probably aware of Sephora’s travel and trial section, right before you checkout. A lot of times mini’s are more expensive than the full sized product when you calculate the price per ounce cost. However, if you browse Sephora’s Skincare sets for example, oftentimes you can find great deals for smaller sized skincare.

Besides the fact that these value sets are better value for your money, you also get to try some new products too!

Be smart about forms

With today’s travel restrictions against liquids, I never bring toner or essence bottles with me when I travel. I refuse to check bags for trips that are less than a week long.

  • Tall bottles of liquid are out: instead, try making some DIY Toner Pads. Instructions on how to make these are below!
  • No oils: I also stay away from oils because they can be a nightmare if they start to leak in your bag. Instead of makeup removing oils or liquids, I pack a make up removing balm since this won’t leak. 
  • Focus on travel friendly forms: Travel friendly forms include wipes, cleansing pads, cleansing sticks, powders. The great thing about skincare innovation is that other forms besides liquids are now available, so take advantage of that

Moisture, moisture, moisture:

You don’t need to go too crazy packing every single item from your  skincare routine if you’re just going away for a short trip. Just remember that lack of moisture causes a myriad of skin issues, so as long as you keep your skin moisturized, you should be fine to leave the heavy duty stuff at home.  

DIY Toner Pads

Now, for the fun part. If you’ve ever had to leave toners at home because you didn’t want to bring along bulky bottles of liquid, you’re not alone. But I didn’t want to compromise my skincare by not bringing this key product with me, either. So my solution? DIY Toner Pads.

All you need to make these DIY toner pads are: your favorite toner, an empty screw top container, and some cotton rounds.

First, make sure that your container is clean, so wash out whatever was inside before and let it dry completely.

Then, estimate about how many cotton rounds you will need. I use cotton rounds about 1-2 times a day so I’m going to make about 10 cotton rounds. Pour enough toner into the container so that it’s about half full.

Then, put the rounds in the container about 2 at a time and allow them to soak up the toner. If needed, pour additional toner over the top so that all of the cotton rounds are soaked through. It will be easier here to use a toner where you have a wide opening or can screw off the top easily.  

After you’ve soaked all your rounds, screw on the cap, and toss it in your makeup bag. Take one out whenever you need it and this way, you don’t have to take along bulky bottles or check your bags! If you are careful to screw the cap on securely, this is also much less likely to spill or leak in your luggage.